Cu noi fiecare eveniment devine FESTIVITATE!

Suntem apreciați

Domnișoarele de onoare de la nunțile pe care le-am organizat ne invită să le organizăm și nunta lor, iar tinerii însurăței ne încredințează să organizăm și moderăm cumătriile.

Depășim așteptările

Elaborăm proiecte cu lux de amănunte. Asigurăm abordare atantă fiecărui detaliu. Mereu acordăm multe bonusuri și cadouri. Creem festivitatea de vis. Ba chiar și mai mult.

Ne recomndă

Suntem vorbiți de bine și recomandați cu plăcere, deoarece suntem grozavi. Noi generăm idei grandioase și producem emoții de neuitat. Apelați-ne să Vă convingeți



Foarte frumoasa nunta! Mulțumim mult D-nei Irina pentru o seara minunata și pentru faptul ca ne-a învățat toate obiceiurile și ne-a făcut sa ne simțim speciali într-o seara deosebita! Va transmitem salutările noastre din România!

Nunta Moldoveneasca

( Mariana - nanasa )

Ирина и Октавиан, спасибо ВАМ огромное!!! Это был сказочный, веселый, настоящий детский праздник!! Наш именинник попросил, чтобы именно ТАК мы праздновали его 6,7,8-10 летия ! Всем мамам, папам и именинникам РЕКОМЕНДУЮ! Праздник удался на славу!!!!!

День рождения "Мадагаскар"

( Максим )

Огромная благодарность "Festivitate" за большую радость, истинное мастерство, великолепие, красоту, деликатность, искреннее участие и настоящий профессионализм во время проведения нашего главного праздника, а также за чудесный фильм, который всегда нам напоминает об этом незабываемом событии!

Музыкальная свадьба

( Игорь, Кристина и Данечка )

Din partea mirilor Iurie și Cristina realizări frumoase în continuare pentru cea mai tare moderatoare. Mulțumim mult pentru distracția și bună dispoziție creată în seara de astăzi. 19.09.2015 P.S. Ne vedem cu mare drag la cumătrie!!!

Nunta în nuața ”Turcoaz”

( Iurie și Cristina )


Pirate Party

Captain Flint is an experienced and skillful pirate. She is seeking people for her new crew, so that it could start its adventurous journey and find the treasure that is shown on her old and crumpled map. The voyage will be full of unexpected turns of events and diverting tricks. This is the journey your

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Gadget Hackwrench – the rescue ranger

Gadget Heckwrench is a beloved funny and lively mechanic from the “Chip’n’Dale” cartoon. She will help all those who have trouble with their cars, airplanes, vans, Formula 1 cars and other flying or riding vehicles. Gadget Heckwrench will also organize rallies in the rough neighbourhoods, make a car out different objects, and of course arrange

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Meeting Masha and the Bear

The well-known and beloved characters from the extremely popular cartoon are ready to entertain your kids. They will take them on a merry-go-round of jokes, funny moments, songs, games and crafty tricks. Not only will they prank and fool each other, they will have to do their laundry and prepare some jam. It will be

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Madagascar – The Lion and the Zebra

Our favourite characters form our long-time beloved cartoon will leave Madagascar and come to see us. They will tell us about the lives of the other characters and will take us on an unusual trip there. Our journey to Madagascar will start with swimming in a river full of crocodiles, and then we will learn

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Winx Fairy School

Acai the Fairy and Midori the Elf will fly to the light of birthday candles and the smell of the tasty party cake. They will bring joy and happiness to your party. They will teach you and your friends how to use a magic wand and will put on a majestic bubble-show. The kind and

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Harry Potter, Hermione and Lessons Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

If you are already eleven, but your Hogwarts letter is not there yet, don’t be sad! Call us and Harry Potter and Hermione will come to your party. Harry will reveal the secrets of sorcery and Hermione will teach you some old tricks of witchcraft. The most-dear characters will make potions, put spells and bring

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Wild Wild West

If you are into the sandy smell of the wind, the image of a tumble-weed crossing a desert and want to be friends with Native Americans, this is the party for you. A legendary cowboy will teach the young lads to shoot, throw the lariat, participate at horse rides and many other cowboy tricks. He

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Cinderella’s Ball

Invite Cinderella to your ball and she will be there! Not only will she arrive to your party in a fancy carriage, but she will also transform your party into a real Princess’ Ball. She will teach you the manners of a real princess: how dance at a ball, how to talk to somebody only

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Secret Agent’s Academy

The Senior Super-Secret Agent BugIra will send out to other super-secret agents encryptions about a super-secret meeting in a super-secret place. Super-agents will be recognized by their fingerprints and only then admitted to the Super-Secret Agent Academy. There they will have to go through six rough levels of admittance – Learn how to accurately go

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The widely-popular holiday of Halloween will entertain your teen children. The numerous Jack-O-Lanterns and bats will create a perfect atmosphere of the night before Halloween. The Sly Witch and the Risen-from-the-Dead will teach your children to ride a broom, scare the hell out of the neighbours, talk to bats and tame all kinds of evil

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Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Mikey and Minnie Mouse will put up a fabulous party for your child. They will welcome the kids into the Disney World and keep them in that atmosphere for as long as the party shall last. Children will laugh, joke, sing, dance, play pat-a-cake and answer funny riddles. Mickey and Minnie will provide interesting magic

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Funny Clowns Iriska and Kleopa

The nice funny clowns Irishka and Kleopa will make your party bright and colourful. They will make a lot of jokes, play a lot of tricks, organize musical interceptions and all in all, be cool. Their skills of transforming a balloon into a silly animal will most certainly surprise you. So, if you want a

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Missis Pillow’s Pajama Party

Missis Pillow’s Pajama Party Missis Pillow will bring comfort and coziness to your pajama party. The pleasant lady in a bathrobe and curlers on her head will teach little girls how to “clean-up” in their mothers’ wardrobes, how to fit into their shoes and try on their hats. Missis Pillow and the girls will paint

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